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Practice Startup

Our Comprehensive
Practice Startup Package

How to Start an Orthodontic Practice?

The Orthodontic Experts Practice Startup Package provides everything you need to get your new orthodontic practice up and running smoothly. This package will save you valuable time and money when starting your own orthodontic practice, allowing you to focus on what matters most – providing excellent patient care.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what’s included:

Financing Assistance

We’ll connect orthodontic practices with preferred lenders, review their financing options, and help negotiate the best loan terms to save them thousands of dollars on financing.

Strategic Location Selection

We go beyond “location, location, location.” Our experts will provide you with the data and resources to choose the perfect location for your practice. This includes demographics analysis, competitor research, market potential evaluation, securing a suitable space, and negotiating a favorable lease agreement.

Clinic Design and Construction

We’ll guide you on creating an efficient and functional clinic layout. We’ll also assist you in evaluating and negotiating bids from construction companies.

Lease Negotiation

Our team will help you secure a well-structured lease with favorable terms, saving you money throughout the lease period.

Equipment Procurement

Leverage our buying power to obtain new orthodontic equipment at significant discounts unavailable to individual practitioners.

Supply Procurement

Enjoy cost savings on orthodontic supplies, disposables, and lab fees through our bulk purchasing agreements.

IT Setup and Support

We’ll recommend and support the implementation of a robust IT system to ensure your practice runs efficiently.

Marketing and Advertising

Attract new patients with our proven marketing and advertising strategies.

Branding and Recognition

Establish a strong brand identity with our logo, design elements, website templates, marketing materials, and promotional merchandise.

Website Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We’ll help you build a user-friendly website with strong search engine ranking to maximize online visibility.

Dental Referral Relationships

Learn how to build and maintain strong referral relationships with dentists in your area.

Licensing and Credentialing

We’ll assist you with obtaining the necessary licenses and negotiating favorable insurance fees.

Hiring and Recruitment

Access pre-written job descriptions and recommendations on the best platforms and practices to find qualified staff.

Staff Training

We offer comprehensive training programs with manuals, videos, and resources to ensure your staff is well-equipped to handle all aspects of the practice.

Software Recommendations

We’ll recommend patient management software solutions at special pricing.

Legal Forms

Receive a complete set of essential legal forms, including patient contracts and informed consent documents.

Payroll and Time Tracking

Gain access to payroll services at special discounted rates.

Credit Card Processing and Banking

Our established merchant processing relationships can help you save on credit card processing fees.

Patient Journey Procedures

We’ll provide standardized operating procedures (SOPs) for every step of the patient journey, ensuring a smooth and efficient patient experience.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Support

We’ll offer guidance on setting up your accounting system and bookkeeping practices.

Performance Monitoring and Advice

Learn how to track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your practice’s growth and ensure long-term success.

Advantages of Practice Startup Solution Program

We understand the numerous challenges new practice owners face starting their own orthodontics practice alone. Therefore the Orthodontic Experts Practice Startup Solution Program offers a streamlined and supported launch. We recognize the multitude of tasks involved, from securing financing and navigating legalities to choosing the perfect location and attracting new patients. Our program addresses these challenges head-on, providing the tools you need at every step. This translates to significant time and cost savings, along with the invaluable expertise of our team to guide you. The result? You can confidently focus on your passion – delivering exceptional orthodontic care and building a successful practice.

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Common Orthodontic Practice
Startup Mistakes

How We Can Help You Avoid Them

Launching a new orthodontic practice is an exciting venture. However, learning how to open your own orthodontic practice can be complex. To ensure a smooth and successful launch, it’s important to be aware of some common pitfalls that new practice owners encounter. Here are a few key areas where missteps can occur, and how the Orthodontic Experts Practice Startup Solution Program can help you avoid them:

Underestimating the upfront investment

Opening a practice requires significant financial planning. Our program helps you secure financing and negotiate favorable terms, ensuring you have the resources needed without overextending yourself financially.

Inefficient clinic design and layout

A well-designed clinic improves workflow and patient experience. Our team offers expertise in designing a functional and efficient clinic layout that caters to your specific needs.

Lack of standardized procedures

Standardized operating procedures (SOPs) ensure consistent patient care and efficient practice operations. We provide pre-written SOPs for all aspects of the patient journey, saving you time and ensuring smooth practice operations.

Choosing the wrong location

Location plays a crucial role in attracting patients. We provide data-driven insights on demographics, competition, and market potential to guide you towards the ideal location for your practice’s success.

Limited marketing and patient acquisition

Attracting new patients is essential for practice growth. Our program offers proven marketing and advertising strategies to help you build a strong patient base.

Navigating legalities and compliance

Starting a practice involves obtaining licenses, insurance credentialing, and adhering to various regulations. Our program assists you with navigating legalities, licensing, and credentialing, ensuring your practice operates compliantly.

What do we have for an Ongoing Franchise?

As a valued Orthodontic Experts franchise owner, you’ll benefit from our comprehensive support system designed to ensure your practice’s continued success. Here’s what you can expect:

Brand Management and Updates

Maintain a fresh and relevant brand identity with access to revisions and updates for our branding materials.

Human Resources Support

Our team provides ongoing HR support, including updates on employment laws and best practices.

Discounted Benefits

Access a variety of benefits at preferred rates through our established vendor partnerships.

Compliance Assistance

Stay up-to-date on industry regulations with our compliance updates and support.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our experts will analyze your revenue cycle and offer recommendations for improvement.

Cost Savings

Enjoy significant cost savings through preferred pricing on equipment, lab and aligner fees, supplies, credit card processing, and even financing options.

Marketing and Advertising Support

Gain access to ongoing marketing and advertising strategies, campaigns, and resources to keep your patient base growing.

Technology Solutions

Enjoy the benefits of branded email and Microsoft OneDrive for seamless communication and file sharing.

Staff Development

Benefit from ongoing staff training updates and access to continuing education (CE) opportunities.

Financial Guidance

Receive regular financial reviews and personalized advice to optimize your practice’s financial health.

Operational Efficiency

Get valuable insights and advice on reviewing and optimizing your practice’s processes and procedures.

Negotiation Support

We’ll assist you in reviewing and negotiating bills, leases, and financing terms to secure the best possible deals.

Additional Available Services

In addition to our comprehensive ongoing franchise support system, Orthodontic Experts offers a wide range of additional services to further empower your practice’s success.

These services include:

  • Staff Recruitment and Training
    We can assist you with the entire process of finding qualified staff, from recruitment and hiring to comprehensive training programs.
  • Compliance Guidance and Training
    Stay up-to-date on industry regulations with our compliance advice and training programs.
  • Marketing Implementation
    Our team can help you implement proven marketing strategies to reach new patients and grow your practice.
  • SEO and Website Maintenance
    We’ll ensure your website is optimized for search engines and kept up-to-date to maximize online visibility.
  • IT Support and Planning
    Receive ongoing IT support and assistance with planning to keep your practice’s technology running smoothly.
  • Bookkeeping, Financials, and Accounting
    Maintain strong financial practices with our bookkeeping, financials, and accounting services.
  • Staff Re-training
    Invest in your staff’s continued development with our staff retraining programs.
  • Credentialing and Recredentialing
    Ensure your team is properly credentialed by assisting with the credentialing and recredentialing process.
  • Insurance Fee Negotiation
    Leverage our expertise to negotiate favorable insurance fee schedules for your practice.

By choosing the Orthodontic Experts Practice Startup Package, you’ll benefit from our expertise and save valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on building a thriving orthodontic practice.

Frequently asked questions

Who can benefit from the Orthodontic Affiliates Practice Startup Package?

This package is ideal for dentists transitioning into orthodontics or anyone opening a new orthodontic practice. It provides a comprehensive roadmap to navigate the complexities of starting a successful practice, from business planning and legal considerations to equipment selection and staff recruitment.

How does the Practice Startup Package save time and money?

Our program streamlines the setup process, eliminating the need to research and source various services individually. We leverage our expertise and industry connections to secure competitive pricing on equipment, supplies, and insurance enrollment. This saves you valuable time and allows you to focus on getting your practice operational.

How can the Orthodontic Affiliates Practice Startup Package benefit me as a new orthodontic practice owner?

By providing a one-stop shop for starting your practice, we remove the guesswork and reduce the learning curve. Our team of experts guides you through every step, from developing a strategic business plan to marketing your practice and building a patient base.

Can I choose specific services from the package, or is it all-or-nothing?

We understand that every new practice has unique needs. The Practice Startup Package is designed to be flexible. You can choose the specific services that best suit your requirements, whether it’s assistance with finding the perfect location, navigating licensing procedures, or developing a customized marketing strategy.

What ongoing support does Orthodontic Affiliates offer after I launch my new practice?

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the initial startup phase. We offer ongoing support services to help your practice thrive. This may include assistance with billing and revenue cycle management, staff training and development, or ongoing marketing consultations.

As someone new to practice ownership, what specific training and support do you offer to help me navigate the challenges of starting and running an orthodontic practice?

We offer comprehensive training and support to help you face the challenges of starting and running an orthodontic practice. From clinical training to practice management, marketing support, business development, and ongoing mentorship, we’re dedicated to assisting you in building a successful practice. We’ll provide you with the necessary tools and resources to streamline your practice operations and ensure smooth day-to-day functioning.

How much control do franchisees have over the day-to-day operations of their practice, and how much support can I expect from the franchisor?

Our franchisees will have a significant level of control over their practice’s day-to-day operations. While sticking to the established brand standards, franchisees have the freedom to make decisions regarding patient care, staff management, scheduling, and overall practice management. We provide extensive support to our franchisees, including training programs to improve clinical skills, practice management guidance, branding and rebranding assistance, marketing assistance, ongoing support and mentorship from experienced orthodontists and practice owners, and much more.

What marketing and advertising resources do you provide to help me attract patients to my new practice, especially as someone just starting out in the industry?

As a franchisee of Orthodontic Affiliates, you’ll have access to a range of marketing and advertising resources to attract patients to your new practice and generate awareness in your local community. You’ll receive website design and development assistance, and our team will help optimize your website through search engine optimization (SEO). Our marketing support also includes social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, content creation, and email marketing strategies to stay connected with patients.

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