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Orthodontic Experts Affiliate program is designed by orthodontists for orthodontists. At every stage of your career, we offer benefits and opportunities that fit your needs, whether you want to start a brand new practice or are looking to revamp or rebrand your existing operations.

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What We Offer

Move Forward With a Trusted Partner By Your Side

Becoming an Orthodontic Experts Affiliate supported orthodontist lets you continue to put your patient’s first. You will have access to the most advanced technology and resources, and our support team will assist you in growing your practice and revenue. This will help you achieve a better work-life balance, as our team takes care of tasks behind the scenes, saving you all the tedious, time-consuming , and oftentimes very stressful administrative work required during practice startup.

Startup Support

We provide practical support for startups, including researching your target customers and market, secure financing, finding the right location, developing your brand, marketing your services, & much more.

Practice Rebranding

Is running your practice becoming overwhelming and exhausting? Get a fresh start with practice re-branding or recharge solutions to address various challenges and ensure success in the industry.

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Ready to Grow Your Startup Practice?

Are you a recent graduate in the field of orthodontics and want to set up your practice? If you dream of owning a successful orthodontic practice that gives you financial freedom and work-life balance, then join our orthodontist affiliate program. Own a full practice without spending countless hours and thousands of dollars to start your practice. Starting a successful practice can be challenging, especially when there is much to handle, including marketing, advertising, hiring and training employees, billing, implementing effective processes and procedures, and much more.

  • Get the benefits of practice ownership without the difficult upfront costs.
  • Receive expert guidance and assistance in important business areas.
  • Own a successful practice with the potential for financial growth
and stability.
  • Enjoy a greater balance between your professional and personal life.
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It’s Time To Rebrand Your Orthodontic Practice

As an independent orthodontic practice owner, you probably have to wear a lot of hats, and it may be more work than you initially expected, facing challenges that may reduce your growth and profitability. Maybe your current practice has reached a dead end, leaving you feeling stuck and unsure how to grow your patient base and increase revenue. Hiring and training staff, meeting compliance with regulations, and managing billing and ordering are very challenging. Also, competing with other private practices and dental service organizations in your area can be tough, especially if you struggle to develop effective marketing strategies and advertisements.

  • Get assistance in areas such as hiring, training, compliance, and credentialing.
  • Guidance you on billing, ordering, and controlling overhead costs.
  • Effective marketing strategies to attract new patients and compete with other practices.
  • Overcome obstacles and provide resources and strategies to increase profitability.
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Proven Support, Customized To Your Orthodontic Practice

Our success results from our strong commitment to improving the well-being of patients and orthodontic professionals through innovative and proven practice-support solutions. Our affiliate practices and support team of industry experts work together to continuously improve and advance orthodontic and dentistry procedures. We’ve spent thousands of hours and tens of millions of dollars to start dozens of practices and, in the process, have developed and perfected all the tools needed to operate a successful practice.

Practice Startup

Practice Startup


  • Demographic and Market Research
  • Assistance with Financing
  • Assistance with RealEstate Selection
  • Build-out Contracts Review/Negotiations
  • Equipment and Supplies Procurement
  • Branding
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Staff Hiring and Training
  • Insurance Credentialing

Practice Operation

Practice Operation


  • HR and Compliance
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Dental Relations
  • Brand Building and Recognition
  • Purchasing Power
  • Training Programs and Materials
  • Billing and Revenue Cycle
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Networking and Education Events

Growth And Expansion

Growth And Expansion


  • Associate Recruitment
  • Market Research for Expansion
  • Financials Review
  • Growth and Expansion Strategies

Benefits of Being an Orthodontic
Experts Affiliate Franchisee

Our franchisee orthodontist benefits from the full scope of services and advice during all the orthodontic practice life cycle stages.

More Exposure

Gain visibility and attract new
patients to grow your practice

Higher Profitability

Maximize your earnings through
access to a proven business model

Less Risk

Leverage the expertise & support
of an already established
orthodontics brand

Fast and Efficient Growth

Benefit from a well-established
system that enables rapid growth

Brand Building

Improve your credibility and attract
a more extensive patient base

Marketing and Advertising

Take advantage of comprehensive
marketing & advertising strategies

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Join our affiliate franchise and experience exceptional support to transform smiles everywhere.


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